Frequently Asked Questions

Education Progress Initiatives (EPI) is a Tanzanian- based non-profit organization registered in 2020 whose mission is creating education opportunities and facilitating others to do the same, in ways that all members of the society can potentially benefit from these.
Education progress Initiatives works to create education opportunities for Tanzanian youth and children through;  
  • Training
  • Formation of Science Clubs
  • Mentoring Support.
Washa STEM Clubs students are selected by Science Teachers, EPI project Mentors and Head Teacher by considering clubs criterias agreed.
We monitor on-going activities on a weekly basis and measure the achieved progress in a monthly. Project Mentors provide regular reports on implemented activities and discuss ways forward to move. EPI administrative Team conduct several site visits to observe what is happening from the ground, review program implementation to ensure fiscal accountability.
Please, Email us at info@epitz.org for more information and to be connected with our Education Project Mentor
Please, Email us at info@epitz.org for more information
Please, Email us at info@epitz.org for more information
Education Progress Initiatives maintains an active presence across programs through our blog, a variety of social media outlets, and our website. Please like, follow or sign-on for updates:  
  • Website: www.epitz.org
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
Washa means to light on
Education Progress Initiatives is deeply appreciative of every contribution we receive, and we are committed to careful stewardship of your gift. Donations are used to help our students, including the formation of science clubs and  launching science exhibitions. Donations provide Go training and materials for teachers, and enhance the quality of education at partner schools through improved participatory approach, student support, teaching and learning aids, and teacher training.
You can donate in two ways:  
  • One-time or automatically recurring donations can be made via  on-line or Bank Transfer. Use the simple process detailed on this page to initiate the donation.
  If you wish to make a donation through a local transaction, click here for more information.
Yes please, email us at info@epitz.org to organize and schedule the plan
Yes please, see our volunteering page and select you are area/s of interest.