Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Ensure Tanzanian children and youth have equal access to quality education and empowered to become the main actors for social change.


Creating conducive environment for access of quality education among youth and children in Tanzania.

The objectives of the organization are;

(a) To promote education and training opportunities that may enable children and youth to acquire   skills relevant for the prevailing employment and business opportunities, as well as other tasks   required in and desired by the community.

(b) To empower Tanzanian youth on promoting integrity, respect and protecting Human Rights

(c) To establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality

(d) To promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy

(e) To enhance and enable provision of life skills for socio-economic development to the community, prioritizing the vulnerable groups.

(f) To promote participation of stakeholders in decision-making process including problem identification, planning, management, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation for sustainability.