Ensure Tanzanian children and youth have equal access to quality education and empowered to become the main actors for social change.

Education Progress Initiatives (EPI) is a non- profit organization committed to prepare youth and children for present and future world by ensuring that they get knowledge and skills that are compatible to the global markets.

EPI is supporting in unlocking education opportunities to youth and provision of quality education to Tanzanian children. EPI was established in 2019 and being officially registered in 2020 under the non-governmental Organizations republic of Tanzania Act No.  24 of 2002 with registration number 00NGO/R/0913.

EPI believe that everyone has to be prepared to win the opportunities, but not all of us are able to exercise, to tackle the social and global shortcomings to identify and utilize the opportunities.  This is done through   education, vocation skills, sponsorship in service-teacher trainings, and life skills livelihood.

EPI   also   link   rural   and   urban   people   in   Tanzania   and   worldwide   through exchange programs, workshops, and seminar by influencing people   to learn from each other.

Our Programs

Working from our home-base community in Singida region Tanzania, Education Progress Initiatives pursues our goal and supports our mission through four main program areas:

  1. Teachers Professional Development
  2. Youth Empowerment
  3. Gender Equality and social inclusion
  4. Sponsorship

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